February 15, 2024

Optimize Your Flame Level to Expand and Explore in Enshrouded

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When it comes to expanding your base in Enshrouded and exploring the rest of the map, it all comes down to your character’s Flame level. In this guide, we will explain how Flame levels work in Enshrouded and provide tips on how to increase your Flame level.

Optimize Your Flame Level to Expand and Explore in Enshrouded

Understanding Flame Levels

Flame levels in Enshrouded determine your progress and access to different areas of the game. To check your Flame level, head to the Flame Altar at your base and interact with it. Here, you will find a list of resource requirements that you need to meet in order to level up your Flame Altar.

Increasing Your Flame Level

To increase your Flame level, you need to gather the required resources and have them all at once. These resources can be found throughout the world, and some may require defeating specific bosses or visiting particular locations. Once you have collected all the necessary resources, visit the Flame Altar and select the “Strengthen the Flame” option.

Reaching the Highest Flame Level

When you reach the highest Flame level in Enshrouded, the option to strengthen the Flame will no longer be available. This indicates that you have reached the maximum level for your Flame Altar. However, if you encounter areas with Deadly Shroud that prevent you from entering, it means you need to upgrade your Flame Altar to the next level. You can continue to use the Upgrade Altar option to expand the base limits surrounding your Flame Altar.


Increasing your Flame level is crucial for expanding your base and exploring new locations in Enshrouded. Make sure to gather the required resources and strengthen your Flame Altar to progress further in the game. Keep in mind that the developers may introduce new updates and changes, so stay tuned for any modifications to the Flame level system.

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