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Things to Know About Esports Betting at Online Casinos

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There aren't many things you can do that deliver a similar level of thrill and excitement as esports betting. Esports betting is even more exciting than sports betting for regular sporting events because esports are way more unpredictable than regular sports. Seeing an underdog team win against one of the top teams in the esports scene is not that uncommon.

Things to Know About Esports Betting at Online Casinos

If you are thinking about getting into esports betting, you are in the right place. To get into esports betting, you need to use an online casino. To help you with all that, here is our complete guide on esports betting for online casinos. 

What is Esports Betting?

First of all, let's explain what esports betting is. Esports is an ecosystem that includes competitive video games and large-scale competitive events where some of the top gamers compete with each other in front of spectators. For example, ESL CSGO Pro League and Dota 2 DPC are esports tournaments

Esports betting is a form of gambling where you place bets on the outcomes of esports events. As long as people have been competing in spectator sports, people have placed bets. In the same way, people have been placing bets on esports events for several years now.

Where to Bet on Esports

To place a bet on esports, you need to find a bookmaker. A bookmaker is a person or organization that accepts bets from bettors. If the bettor wins, the bookmaker has to pay the bettor the winning amount. If the bettor loses, the bookmaker gets to keep the betting amount.

Chances are that if you are into esports and esports betting, you prefer to place bets while sitting in front of your computer. Fortunately, there are a lot of online casinos that act as esports bookmakers and offer some of the best esports betting features. In short, if you are wondering where you can bet on esports, you can do that at online casinos.

Filtering Online Casinos for Esports Betting

Now that you know you need online casinos for esports betting, you might be wondering which casinos to use. To pick an online casino for esports betting, you first need to figure out which ones are legitimate. You can do that by looking at what licenses a casino has acquired. 

If an online casino has acquired a license from the top regulatory organizations for online gambling, the casino is legitimate, and you can safely choose it for esports betting. It is important to do this because you might get scammed if you ignore it. 

After that, you should look at the esports betting feature at the online casino. You must ensure that the online casino supports esports betting for the video game you like to place bets on. You can also look at the bonus section of the casino and figure out if they offer esports-betting-related bonuses.

Once that's done, look at the deposit and withdrawal options to see if they have the options you need. If they don't, there is no point in using that casino. Finally, you can look at the UI and design of the online casino to ensure that you like it. After doing all that, you can choose a casino that best meets your preferences.

Best Online Casinos for Esports Betting

Checking whether or not an online casino is legitimate is something you can't ignore. You also have to check to see if the esports betting feature at the online casino is any good. Doing that requires a ton of work. You can spend a lot of time deciding on a casino that people don't have these days. 

The thing is, it only takes a lot of time to find the best online casino for esports betting because all the information is scattered around in different places. Fortunately, we provide you with expert reviews of some of the top esports bookmakers, with all the important information about those online casinos in one place.

How to Bet on Esports at Online Casinos

By now, you are probably super excited about starting making some bets on esports. To help you with that, here is our version of a complete step-by-step guide on how to bet on esports at online casinos. 

Picking an Esports Title

The first step is deciding on what esports title you want to bet on. There are multiple esports titles, like CSGO, League of Legends, and Rocket League. You need to pick the esports title you have the most experience with. If you have been playing CSGO all your life and follow its esports scene, you should select CSGO. The same goes for any other game.

Picking a Platform for Esports Betting

After that, you need to pick out an online casino. The casino must have a decent esports betting feature, be completely legitimate, have the deposit and withdrawal options you need, and it must cover the esports title you need to place bets on. 

Setting a Budget for Esports Betting

After that, you need to set up a budget, which is one of the most important steps on your journey to esports betting. If you don't set a budget, you can easily go overboard. If you do that, you won't be able to make any more bets for a long time. 

Signing Up & Making Deposits

Once you have decided on a budget, sign up to the platform you choose and make deposits worth the amount you wish to bet. Go through the deposit options, select the one you prefer, and make deposits. 

Choosing Between Regular Esports Betting & Live Esports Betting

In regular esports betting, you make bets on esports events a few days or hours before the event starts. On the other hand, you place bets on an event as it happens in real-time with live esports betting. Choose which one you prefer and move on. You should at least look into live esports betting because it can sometimes present great betting opportunities. 

Going Through Esports Betting Markets & Esports Betting Odds

Next, you have to go through all the esports betting markets. You need to decide if you wish to bet on the winner of the match or some other possible outcome. After that, take a look at the odds and look for opportunities. Sometimes the odds suggest a tiny return to the amount of risk you are taking. Odds like those can be avoided. If the odds for a particular bet are in your favor, you can place the bet.

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