April 13, 2023

Best Esports Games at Mr. Green in 2024

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Though started as a casino, Mr. Green has blossomed into a one-stop gambling hub. Besides casino games, this site has sports betting markets covering traditional and virtual sports. Mr. Green is also among the best eSports betting sites in 2024.

In the last few years, eSports betting has been the fastest growing market in the online gambling scene. The latest statistics put the eSports betting industry's worth at $66 billion. To tap into this new market, William Hill PLC, Mr. Green's mother company, ventured into eSports betting.

2024 will be a fantastic year for Mr. Green eSport betting fans as markets for all the most competitive games are available. Check out some of the best eSports games to bet on at Mr. Green this year in this roundup.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA)

There's no doubt MOBA games are the most popular in the eSports betting scene. For starters, MOBA video games are strategy games that pit two teams on a predefined battlefield. They are popular because they are social and also foster teamwork by bringing together gamers from across the globe. At Mr. Green, eSports betting enthusiasts have several MOBA games to bet on in 2024.

The first is Dota 2. Developed and published by Valve, Dota 2 is the most popular video game in the betting scene. It pits two teams of five in a battle where each team has a base to protect and, at the same time, the enemy's camp to destroy. Dota 2 boasts dozens of tournaments all year long, with The International as the cr猫me de la cr猫me.

Riot Games' blockbuster League of Legends (LoL) is another good game to bet on at Mr. Green. This multiplayer online battle arena video game involves two teams of five in Player vs. Player (PVP) combat. Each team defends its half while trying to invade the opponent's side of the map. LoL has plenty of tournaments all year round, so players won't miss betting markets.

Heroes of the Storm is another top-rated eSports MOBA game from Blizzard Entertainment. It's pretty much similar to the other MOBA games and boasts several game modes. Fans of this game can also find Heroes of the Storm betting markets at Mr. Green eSports.

Shooter Games

For punters into shooting games, Mr. Green is also the place to be. Shooter games are action video games where players use guns and other weapons with the aim of finishing off the enemy. Most of the shooter games in eSports are first-person shooters (FPS).

Mr. Green is slowly building its eSports games portfolio. This bookmaker has plenty of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive markets. Fans of this FPS game can wager on outcomes such as match winner, correct score, draw no bet, pistol round winner, handicaps, map winner, etc. In 2024, Mr. Green will surely expand to other divisions, for example, Valorant and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege.

Strategy Games

Players who enjoy strategy gaming have not been left out in 2024. Mr. Green has added two popular strategy games to their eSports betting markets portfolio.

Fans of sci-fi real-time strategy game StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty can put their money on the best eSports teams at the Mr. Green betting site. StarCraft remains one of the most viewed and sponsored eSports in the world. Here again, there are plenty of betting options.

The other strategy game available at Mr. Green is Hearthstone, a collectible card game from Blizzard Entertainment. Hearthstone is also active on eSports betting sites, including Mr. Green.

Sports Simulators

As the name suggests, sports simulation games are those that emulate real sports. So far, there are sports simulators in soccer, basketball, motorsports, American football, and cricket, among others. On the eSports and betting scene, soccer and basketball are classic sports simulation games.

Of course, as the best soccer simulator video game, FIFA features in the available betting markets at this bookmaker. Besides FIFA, there are also PES tournaments that Mr. Green covers. Soccer betting markets are among the most sought-after in 2024, so definitely, Mr. Green will up its game here.

Besides the traditional basketball betting markets, Mr. Green also has plenty of NBA 2K betting markets in the pipeline. The recently released NBA 2K22, the 23rd installment of the franchise, is the primary focus in the NBA 2K eSports scene. Expect plenty of basketball betting options in the upcoming tournaments.

Indeed, Mr. Green is a force to reckon with when it comes to eSports betting in 2024. The betting site covers all the top-rated eSports games and eSports events. This is what makes it one of the best eSports betting sites today. Interestingly, Mr. Green has plenty of eSports bonuses to claim, from the welcome bonus to a reload bonus. This is in a bid to assert itself as a market leader in eSports betting.

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